Fair Use


     The doctrine of fair use has protected many people doing copyright in the sense that it sets the standards for use of another person’s work. There was a lot of confusion before about what is right and what is not. recreating other people’s work was a scary act because it could lead to a law suit. DJs, re-mixers and re-users now have a set of rules to follow when doing their work. 

  Google wins through doctrine of fair us.

The doctrine of fair use have four distinct rules that determines if there has been fair use in remixing or reusing a work. These were the rules that a judge used to give Google a win over scanning books from some libraries. James Grimmelmann, a copyright scholar called this ruling a near complete victory for the libraries. Scanning books doesn’t affect the market situation for hard copies is the most decisive point over Google’s initial victory over Guild. This case will set precedence over other cases concerning fair use.

Ideas have similar meaning therefore should be shared for improvement.

No one’s thought is unique. We all borrow from one another to perfect our skills and work. The same as linguist borrow  words from other languages, so are the re-mixers. Fair use makes a lot of sense to creators because everybody gets credits for his or her own ideas. Although the new is mixed with the old; the creator of the old work get his or her credits for the old work while the creator of the new work get credits for the new work. No one is a loser; everyone profits. creators don’t intend to strip people of their work and get all the credits. Their intend is to open the eyes of consumers about the greatness of a masterpiece. They take a masterpiece and carry it into another dimension that elevates it to a greater level of appreciation.




Remix of music


       When we hear of a remix, we mostly think of a blend of two music producing a more pleasing effect. This is why most remixes are highly criticized. We expected the blend to be better than the original. Since music grows old or may become monotonous and displeasing, we are always seeking for something new; something that does not sound the same as the one we used to hear. 

   Doctrine of fair use:

        As mentioned in Wikipedia, contemporary music are mostly produced in digital audio work station, which allow producers to reorganize tracks and apply various effects. This is a way of making music more appreciable or sound different from the original version. It is the desire of the audiences to “taste” different versions of a song or music. This brings about a question of choice and the question of fair-use. Does the copyrighted material affect the market of a protected work? If it does, then there is no fair use. As mentioned by Daniel A. Tysver on the topic, “Fair use in Copyright,” this question is the most important determinant of fair  use. It is the impact the remix have on the market that decides if there was any fair use. But since doing remixes are a way of improving standards, will there ever be fair use?


        I have always loved remix because it is a blend that brings the best of both worlds together. Rap is brought into slow songs to make it “hotter.” It is remixes that gave birth to a new domain of music called RnB (Rap and Blues). When the original music becomes boring, we play the remix to bring back the excitement. 



Anonymity and Net Neutrality

The age of oppression is soon coming to an end as people of different nations fight to be free from the tyrannies of their government. The oppressive governments, since they are more powerful than the people have sent the people into hiding. The truth cannot be made public. A better definition of darkness is the absence of the truth. The government wants the people to live in darkness while the people are fighting for the light. Anonymity is just like someone hiding in a dark place so as not to be seen while pointing a light to the evil things the government is doing to the people. In a technological age like this, there is nothing like 100% anonymity. One cannot hide enough despite the soft wares  that have been created to help users to become anonymous. The computer geniuses have the advantage over normal users.

  Other purposes of anonymity  exists like companies hiding under a false name or no identity to protect secrets beneficial to them but this form is also two sided. Some companies may hide under a different identity to also steal secret information from other companies. Their online agents who are good at using different soft wares can hibernate  and play foul for the benefit of their industry.

As concerns net neutrality, there is nothing like equality in the functioning of two services or agents on the internet. I believe the person with the most computer intelligence will always triumph over the other. some companies develop soft wares for their personal use and therefore they have more technological advantage over the others.

   For a person like me who does not have a profound knowledge in the functioning of many other soft wares that exist on the internet, i think that net neutrality is not realistic for a normal internet user.This is because  companies marketing their goods or getting the information of internet users to better market their goods do so without the prior knowledge or knowledge of internet users.  Most internet users are not versed about the functioning of spywares and other tracking soft wares on the internet. Most of us came as innocent people to use the internet not knowing that some people or companies have a technological advantage over us and they get what they want from us by monitoring our online activities.




intellectual property

    In a world full of competition and impostors, they is always the probability of misrepresenting people, character, thought, products, services, and personalities. To protect a person, a group or companies from impostors and wicked competitors, Intellectual property rights were born. I’m totally in favor of intellectual property rights because it does not only carry a moral value to it, it carries the right to free speech and expression of cultural thoughts and products.

     Despite that laws have been tighten as respect to intellectual property, many people still break the laws because most of the intellectual property are on the internet as soft copies. They are easily accessible to everybody in their homes or hidden places. People download music, which the play in their homes and such acts cannot be intercepted or apprehended because no one has the right to get into somebody’s house to  search and accuse him or her of stealing. Therefore, many people who steal intellectual property go unpunished.

 In Nigeria, Scammers get information on websites such as pictures of responsible, handsome men, beautiful ladies, pictures of beautiful pets and they used these images and information to create their own website and scam people of their money. They had no right to use these information but they do it anyway and the world cries out as people are losing their money to these impostors. Most thieves of intelectual property go free because it is difficult to monitor their actions. The music on the internet are free to download though they are laws that says you do not have the right to download. There are no monitoring systems in the internet that identifies freeloaders.

    Intellectual property is a complicated area to handle because international laws are more lax in many countries than national laws. National laws in most countries does not effectively cover all aspects of international laws. Therefore, intellectual property is protected more by the good consciences of people rather than the laws in place.


Internet privacy

In a world full of scrutiny and hatred, it is absolutely necessary for one to protect him or herself from any evil intruder. I call the internet my artificial world where i meet with people all over the world. There is no better way to stay attached to the great diversity the world offers except to be hooked to it through the internet and learn. Again, should one be real on the internet or play fake so as to be protected? should i present a wrong date of birth, wrong name, wrong address, faked email for my own benefit or i should just be real to the world? or should we be real to the people we know and trust and be fake to the community in the internet we do not know?

    It is a question everyone must answer. We have heard  how people lost their lives because they weren’t protected on the internet and their enemies took advantage of that and destroyed them. Businesses and social media sites are completely capitalistic looking for every measure to make profit from the information and thoughts of their clients. Privacy policies have become more of business policies for the making of gains. our integrity is been tampered with, because of the privacy laxness  that were created for the benefit of this social media businesses. 

    My friend who is a pastor opened his Facebook the other day and found pornographic images on his timeline. Someone put it there to destroy his integrity as a man of God. He had to apologize to everybody who is his friend on Facebook and explained to them that he didn’t put it there. How can we really protect ourselves from the invisible enemies on Facebook?


Internet privacy

what you should know.
you are being in tracked and your information is being sold for the benefit of businesses.
therefore, just be careful what you do on the internet.