The fall semester has come and pass like a wind. I didn’t notice how fast time flew this semester. I started the semester being very optimistic but pessimism came along the way when the fear of not making an A grade begins to become real. It is never too late to give up for an A. This is why it is very necessary that I make some adjustment on how I spend my time. If one knows how to manage his or her time, he or she will know how to manage his or her school work. Everything should be done according to priority. School is very important and work is important too. The one you dedicate yourself to the most becomes your priority. I think school should be made the first priority especially for a student who wants outstanding results. It is the results we have now that will determine or make the difference in the future. Everything doing is worth doing well. A student means someone who studies not someone who works or play or party. Therefore, it is necessary that if you are a student, just be a student.

            Internet and Society Course

      The course, Internet and society is one of the best courses that I have taken so far. I was really lagging behind with respect to knowing how to interact and get my desires and ideas to others. This course has not only helped to improve my computer skill but open my eyes wide to the many opportunities offered by the internet. The skills I have learnt in this class will profit me for a lifetime. 

          Make a change each semester

   Timing is an important act to bring into consciousness a duty to fulfill. I have been able to do my assignments on time this semester. It was a responsibility I have not met some previous semester out of being busy with work or out of negligence. It is necessary that one should make a change each semester to improve on a lot of things especially those ones that may have a negative effect.

     The fall semester have been a great semester and I look forward to the finals in December with an optimistic eye.

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One Response to Reflection

  1. msustang1123 says:

    Nice post. I feel the same exact way every semester with a strong start and then the procrastination grabs hold. It is hard to fall behind when you work and are taking 15 hours, but I think that if you make it through with good grades (not necessarily perfect) it shows how you can multitask and accomplish tasks while other things are ongoing. I also agree with you about the course in what it helped me learn about using the Internet as a tool. This course also helped with procrastination because everything was lined out from the beginning, and I really appreciated that. Maybe next semester I will make a change and get all A’s instead of letting myself get bogged down with too much schoolwork, work, or busy work period.

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