Internet communication tools

Introduction: They are many communication tools out there that an individual or a business can use to advertise their products to the world. According to information at, they are many social media websites than one could imagine. People and business use these sites to bring information about new products to consumers.

Electronic mail and social media websites

The top electronic mail service providers are Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo! Mail and they are called the original social networks. These are the media most used by individuals and business to pass out their information. Among social media websites, we have Facebook topping the chart with YouTube and QQ, the Chinese social network coming second and third respectively.

Some of the social media websites developed faster than one could  imagine. For example, Facebook now has many users far more than the three original social networks; Gmail, Yahoo Mail and Hotmail. However, the original social networks have their value which can not be compromised for a Facebook account. Although I have a Facebook account, I still cannot do without my yahoo mail and Gmail. I get all my mails through yahoo mail and I use the Gmail on my android phone.

Looking for customers if you have a business

To Launch into the deep to find customers, one must have in mind the target group. It is therefore necessary to use the appropriate social media to reach the target group. For example, if you wish to reach the old folks, you have to use what they are used to. That is through the email system. Before the new social media came, the old people were used to their emails. The old like their old ways. They don’t worship the new. As for the youths, Facebook and twitter is their place. The more people one can reach, in any case, the more probability that one has to succeed. Therefore, launch into the deep and make yourself and your business known. 


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2 Responses to Internet communication tools

  1. I completely agree with you Bernard about attracting potential customers using the most efficient means of marketing. Many businesses use non- effective marketing strategies that are not designed to attract the attention of a specific audience. This business mistake is very costly and can be likened to a boxer sending blank punches to the wind without hitting his opponent.
    Another point that I appreciated from your blog was concerning the older folks and how set they are in their ways. Although a few older individuals have tried to follow the internet movement, many senior citizens find it an inconvenience to learn and use the internet, something seniors often consider to be a very complex tool.

  2. Social media really is a great way to communicate with potential customers for a business. You do need to look at what kinds of websites each group of people might use. For example, younger people like us would be more likely to use twitter and facebook, even youtube, as often as possible. If that is your target audience then that is where you go. But older people are more likely to use simple email or facebook as well, so that is where you would have to advertise for them. It all depends on the target audience.

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