Internet and the new age

  Introduction:  In the olden days, life was very challenging, many people died because of lack of knowledge or access to knowledge. I can literally say that the world was blind. Then, the internet came and gave a bright sight to the world. Many cultures were very primitive in the past but as the internet came with an opportunity to learn good things from other cultures, many human cultures have advance dramatically. One publicized deed is known all over the world. People have become more famous and talents have been exposed thanks to the internet. Emails brought a new way of communicating instantly and more information have been exchanged in a speedy manner.

The Online Business

 Many businesses have gone online because the world is now online. According to Oliver Burkeman of the Guardian, a UK based newspaper, about 1.7 billion people are online. This makes it easy to sell a good because a business is being brought to billions of people. Like me, most people do shopping online because they can choose from a variety of goods with low prices. The internet market has become more competitive and many goods have become cheaper because the person who sells with the lower price sells more than the person who sell at a higher price. Big businesses like Ebay and Amazon bring sellers from all over the world while people sit in the comfort of their homes and buy goods.

   Online relationship

 Some people have found their wife or husband online. The lonely can go online and find friends to communicate and laugh. Boys have found a place to play games and music and entertain themselves while girls mostly spend time on social media websites with their new friends. Life have become so busy and entertaining. Internet has helped to increase lifespan and there is nothing we can be more grateful for than the internet.


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One Response to Internet and the new age

  1. kebansf says:

    Bernard, this blog highlights some of the major topics associated with the internet and society really well!
    The fact that you looked specifically looked at the “Online Business” and “Online relationships” made it very easy to read your blog also. Life a few decades ago was certainly more different! Even if certain information was known, this information was usually restricted to just a certain area until quite some time when such information could transcend the geographical location where it originated.

    With regards to businesses being online, there is no doubt that a plethora of businesses have migrated to the internet and in fact, some of them are based solely online! Moving away from brick and mortar buildings not only saves businesses money, but it also allows customers several unparalleled advantages such as shopping from home, shopping at any time, and like you mentioned, getting lower prices in some cases.

    Additionally, I loved how you focused on the positive aspect of online relationships. When I was a few years younger I had a pen pal with whom I communicated fairly often, at that time via letter writing. After about two years, we lost touch until we finally reconnected again. How? The internet!

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