Internet Use at the Workplace


   Life in the workplace has been made easy thanks to the internet. Work have become more interesting and less tiring because workers tend to relax their mind by browsing on the internet. The internet use in the workplace can therefore be for pleasure and for work. Can it be used for both at the same time? I think workers should be allowed to use the internet during break periods not doing it while working. But it has been known that when workers become distracted from their work by putting more attention to the pleasure they get from browsing, it lowers productivity. In the other hand, if they do it during periods of breaks, it increases productivity by 9% (Specht, Internet usage at work makes you productive, 2009).

Morality in the workplace

  Should workers be permitted to browse whatever they like? No! This is because the internet at workplace can be abused. Workers should not be allowed to visit inappropriate sites like adult websites. It does not only affect the workplace environment negatively; most of these adult websites have malwares and spywares that can corrupt files and intrude on privacy. It is therefore necessary for the employer to monitor the online activities of employees and inform them about the reasons for putting in a monitoring software.

   Finally, inappropriate use of internet at workplace can prompt acts like gossiping, bullying of coworkers, and criticisms. This is because there are times that some employees seem not to be happy, and they can use the social online media to criticize their bosses, make threats, and gossip about other coworkers. Guidelines should be made on how to surf the internet at workplace and things that can be done or cannot be done. However, Internet use in the workplace has brought much life to the workplace.


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