Hacking is an art that brings technology to a new level. I prefer to view it as something positive. Hacking has a new meaning in the twenty-first century. The good hackers are few to count and the malicious ones are now defining the profession. However, the good hackers still come together for the good of mankind while the bad ones are merging too to see a way to make illegal gains from the profession. The USA Patriot act gave a hard blow on hackers by increasing the sentence for the crime from five years to 10 years. It also gave the right to intelligence officers and cyber crime fighters to investigate Hackers without obtaining any court order. This has made some significance because Hackers have been made more vulnerable to exposure. They can’t hide for too long. Evidence shows that all the most noted cyber criminals have been caught and brought to book.

   The good Hackers

Following the article on www.guardian.co.uk about Good hackers, it shows that the good hackers are bringing their hacking skills together to see how they can improve on internet data. The event is a feast which they call Hackathon. They come together to this feast occasionally to learn from each other and see how they can unite their ideas and bring up something that is new and beneficial to the internet community.


    When creativity is driven by the edge to improve on human life and services, it brings glory. The good Hackers are celebrating their skills in daylight and in media spotlight while the bad hackers are in the hiding. 






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