Phishing emails and website are very common now in the age of technology. Scamming have reach a whole high level and many people have little knowledge on how to distinguish a phishing website from a legitimate website. This is the main reason behind the success of many cyber-criminals these days. I will be given you some slight details to distinguish a phishing website from a legitimate website. To begin with, i will advise you to take the online Phishing test to determine your knowledge about phishing emails and websites.

Some information to note about phishing emails and websites.

  Check on spelling and bad grammar. Most cyber-criminals are good at making grammatical errors and spelling errors. If you see an email or a website with spelling errors, know that it may be a phishing email or website.

check on the links to make sure it corresponds to the company’s website address. Just place your mouse on the link to see the encrypted code, if it does not match those of the company, know that it is a phishing email. Most companies too don’t send links through emails. This should be an added alert.

See if there is any threat in the words you read. For example,  if they write that if you do not carry out this action, you are going to lose everything, know immediately it a phishing email or website.

Phishing phone calls

   Phishing phone calls are many these days. I have received many in the past months because i have been a victim of phishing emails and websites many times in the past. I had little knowledge about phishing emails and websites and i had responded to these emails and fill forms on phishing websites putting in my cell number. Each time i tell them that i’m not interested but they never give up. They will wait for some months and still call back. How patient they are! Anyway, this is what they do for a living.



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