Fair Use


     The doctrine of fair use has protected many people doing copyright in the sense that it sets the standards for use of another person’s work. There was a lot of confusion before about what is right and what is not. recreating other people’s work was a scary act because it could lead to a law suit. DJs, re-mixers and re-users now have a set of rules to follow when doing their work. 

  Google wins through doctrine of fair us.

The doctrine of fair use have four distinct rules that determines if there has been fair use in remixing or reusing a work. These were the rules that a judge used to give Google a win over scanning books from some libraries. James Grimmelmann, a copyright scholar called this ruling a near complete victory for the libraries. Scanning books doesn’t affect the market situation for hard copies is the most decisive point over Google’s initial victory over Guild. This case will set precedence over other cases concerning fair use.

Ideas have similar meaning therefore should be shared for improvement.

No one’s thought is unique. We all borrow from one another to perfect our skills and work. The same as linguist borrow  words from other languages, so are the re-mixers. Fair use makes a lot of sense to creators because everybody gets credits for his or her own ideas. Although the new is mixed with the old; the creator of the old work get his or her credits for the old work while the creator of the new work get credits for the new work. No one is a loser; everyone profits. creators don’t intend to strip people of their work and get all the credits. Their intend is to open the eyes of consumers about the greatness of a masterpiece. They take a masterpiece and carry it into another dimension that elevates it to a greater level of appreciation.




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2 Responses to Fair Use

  1. benasong says:

    Creative Commons License

  2. halfbreedfox says:

    I would like to say thank you for reading the Google win over scanning books. I read a lot of tweets that seemed to think Google was scanning them to sell, but once someone reads the articles, then they would understand that it was to help other people get access to them through libraries.

    But back to your topic!
    I very much enjoyed reading how you view remixers and reusers. You make an excellent point in that the remixer found and acknowledges the greatness of the original creator’s work, and the remixer just wants to share his find with the world. Often, I believe remixers expose people to new songs that they didn’t know that they would like. I have found some great songs that way, personally. 🙂

    But I never thought about a remix as elevating a song to a greater level. That’s a great interpretation. But I have always seen it as a new viewpoint on the song. Equal to the original but unique. 🙂

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