Remix of music


       When we hear of a remix, we mostly think of a blend of two music producing a more pleasing effect. This is why most remixes are highly criticized. We expected the blend to be better than the original. Since music grows old or may become monotonous and displeasing, we are always seeking for something new; something that does not sound the same as the one we used to hear. 

   Doctrine of fair use:

        As mentioned in Wikipedia, contemporary music are mostly produced in digital audio work station, which allow producers to reorganize tracks and apply various effects. This is a way of making music more appreciable or sound different from the original version. It is the desire of the audiences to “taste” different versions of a song or music. This brings about a question of choice and the question of fair-use. Does the copyrighted material affect the market of a protected work? If it does, then there is no fair use. As mentioned by Daniel A. Tysver on the topic, “Fair use in Copyright,” this question is the most important determinant of fair  use. It is the impact the remix have on the market that decides if there was any fair use. But since doing remixes are a way of improving standards, will there ever be fair use?


        I have always loved remix because it is a blend that brings the best of both worlds together. Rap is brought into slow songs to make it “hotter.” It is remixes that gave birth to a new domain of music called RnB (Rap and Blues). When the original music becomes boring, we play the remix to bring back the excitement.


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