Anonymity and Net Neutrality

The age of oppression is soon coming to an end as people of different nations fight to be free from the tyrannies of their government. The oppressive governments, since they are more powerful than the people have sent the people into hiding. The truth cannot be made public. A better definition of darkness is the absence of the truth. The government wants the people to live in darkness while the people are fighting for the light. Anonymity is just like someone hiding in a dark place so as not to be seen while pointing a light to the evil things the government is doing to the people. In a technological age like this, there is nothing like 100% anonymity. One cannot hide enough despite the soft wares  that have been created to help users to become anonymous. The computer geniuses have the advantage over normal users.

  Other purposes of anonymity  exists like companies hiding under a false name or no identity to protect secrets beneficial to them but this form is also two sided. Some companies may hide under a different identity to also steal secret information from other companies. Their online agents who are good at using different soft wares can hibernate  and play foul for the benefit of their industry.

As concerns net neutrality, there is nothing like equality in the functioning of two services or agents on the internet. I believe the person with the most computer intelligence will always triumph over the other. some companies develop soft wares for their personal use and therefore they have more technological advantage over the others.

   For a person like me who does not have a profound knowledge in the functioning of many other soft wares that exist on the internet, i think that net neutrality is not realistic for a normal internet user.This is because  companies marketing their goods or getting the information of internet users to better market their goods do so without the prior knowledge or knowledge of internet users.  Most internet users are not versed about the functioning of spywares and other tracking soft wares on the internet. Most of us came as innocent people to use the internet not knowing that some people or companies have a technological advantage over us and they get what they want from us by monitoring our online activities. 



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One Response to Anonymity and Net Neutrality

  1. vondasblog says:

    Bernard, you bring across a good point about anonymity. While I am in support of people being able to post anonymously on the internet, I also believe that people are oppressed, not only by the government, but by the society on a whole and this is the reason they hide to state their view points on the internet. It is also true that businesses and other individuals us anonymity to do bad.

    I believe the internet should be an open forum where persons can express their views without being penalized – at least there should be a few websites where this is permitted.

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