intellectual property

    In a world full of competition and impostors, they is always the probability of misrepresenting people, character, thought, products, services, and personalities. To protect a person, a group or companies from impostors and wicked competitors, Intellectual property rights were born. I’m totally in favor of intellectual property rights because it does not only carry a moral value to it, it carries the right to free speech and expression of cultural thoughts and products.

     Despite that laws have been tighten as respect to intellectual property, many people still break the laws because most of the intellectual property are on the internet as soft copies. They are easily accessible to everybody in their homes or hidden places. People download music, which the play in their homes and such acts cannot be intercepted or apprehended because no one has the right to get into somebody’s house to  search and accuse him or her of stealing. Therefore, many people who steal intellectual property go unpunished.

 In Nigeria, Scammers get information on websites such as pictures of responsible, handsome men, beautiful ladies, pictures of beautiful pets and they used these images and information to create their own website and scam people of their money. They had no right to use these information but they do it anyway and the world cries out as people are losing their money to these impostors. Most thieves of intelectual property go free because it is difficult to monitor their actions. The music on the internet are free to download though they are laws that says you do not have the right to download. There are no monitoring systems in the internet that identifies freeloaders.

    Intellectual property is a complicated area to handle because international laws are more lax in many countries than national laws. National laws in most countries does not effectively cover all aspects of international laws. Therefore, intellectual property is protected more by the good consciences of people rather than the laws in place.

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