Internet privacy

In a world full of scrutiny and hatred, it is absolutely necessary for one to protect him or herself from any evil intruder. I call the internet my artificial world where i meet with people all over the world. There is no better way to stay attached to the great diversity the world offers except to be hooked to it through the internet and learn. Again, should one be real on the internet or play fake so as to be protected? should i present a wrong date of birth, wrong name, wrong address, faked email for my own benefit or i should just be real to the world? or should we be real to the people we know and trust and be fake to the community in the internet we do not know?

    It is a question everyone must answer. We have heard  how people lost their lives because they weren’t protected on the internet and their enemies took advantage of that and destroyed them. Businesses and social media sites are completely capitalistic looking for every measure to make profit from the information and thoughts of their clients. Privacy policies have become more of business policies for the making of gains. our integrity is been tampered with, because of the privacy laxness  that were created for the benefit of this social media businesses. 

    My friend who is a pastor opened his Facebook the other day and found pornographic images on his timeline. Someone put it there to destroy his integrity as a man of God. He had to apologize to everybody who is his friend on Facebook and explained to them that he didn’t put it there. How can we really protect ourselves from the invisible enemies on Facebook?


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2 Responses to Internet privacy

  1. thanh73 says:

    This is a great point. Many people understand the dangers of the Internet and social media. It is common knowledge that the Internet though provides convenience for connecting with others, can be a gateway into a world of hackers and identity thieves. These people often pose as people they are not in efforts to retrieve information. There have to be ways for us to protect ourselves. Can we truly protect ourselves by faking our names and birthdays, much like people we call hackers? Or would that make us one of them, tricking others into believing we are someone we are not?

  2. kebansf says:

    That example you gave in the end concerning your pastor-friend is just horrible and unimaginable! I can imagine what an awkward position he must have been put in. It really is sad, and it simply fortifies your point that other persons could use our information on social networking sites to harm us. What do we do? Do we give out false information and create false profiles??? These are pressing questions. Sadly, for several purposes, we are required to give out accurate information about ourselves. Therefore I say find the balance and be careful of the integrity and safety of the websites we access!

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